Mechanical Devices or the Heimlich Maneuver for Choking Victims?

Since the early 1970’s the HEimlich Maneuver has been the medically recognized care for a choking victim. This simple technique provides abdominal thrusts for choking children and adults. THe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been made aware of anti-choking devices being sold over-the-counter. The credibility of these devices has not been established; nor are they FDA approved or cleared. Besides not having any medical backing, the use of such devices could result in a significant delay in care as the user would have to first locate the device, unpackage it, and then assemble it. The Heimlich Maneuver, on the other hand, has 50 years of science and reports showing its effectiveness as a simple and immediate step of care. Click here to read about the FDA’s position on devices for choking care.

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